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Q1. Which of these brands is your main source of products purchased from the Inenco Group?

Q2. For how long have you been purchasing these brands from Inenco Group?

Q3. Were you aware that BSC and CBC were part of the Inenco Group?

Q4. Have you heard of the company Inenco?

Q5. Which of these industry types best describes the industry your company falls within?

Q6. Looking at your ordering process, how do you currently place your orders with Inenco businesses?

Q7. What is your estimated combined monthly purchase from BSC/CBC?

Q8. Are there any non Inenco businesses you are currently purchasing industrial products from that could be sourced from Inenco?
For example:

Q9. How important is product quality to you?

Q10. How important is the reliability of product delivery to you?

Q11. How important is speed of delivery of products to you?

Q12. How important is having a local branch or similar local source of supply to you?

Q13. Thinking of either BSC or CBC, how would you describe your current business relationship with them?

Q14. From your perspective, how important is having a brand like BSC/CBC supporting your business?

Q15. If you answered either important, critically important or very important to the BSC/CBC brand question above, which of these factors matter to you? You can choose more than one. (If you answered not important to us, then continue on to Q19 below)

Q16. If you mentioned [being able to respond to our needs quickly in a crisis] how quick is an acceptable response and delivery time? Assuming it is physically possible to reach you. (otherwise continue to Q17 below)

Q17. If you mentioned [being within an acceptable price range that I can justify when purchasing this item] what does an acceptable price range mean to you? (otherwise continue to Q18 below)

Q18. If you mentioned [having a regular contact person that you can go to] for assistance when you are dealing with BSC/CBC, how important is that person to you? (otherwise continue to Q19 below)

Q19. Overall how do you rate the performance of your regular contact person at BSC/CBC?

Q20. When your key contact is away from work for some reason, what happens to the level of service you receive?

Q21. In the above question, if you said the service declined, was that due to?

Q22. Overall how good are BSC/CBC at communicating with you?

Q23. Are there any comments you wish to make regarding their communication with you?

Q24. What type of communication approach do you prefer? You can choose more than one answer.

Q25. When choosing a supplier in this industry, which one of these factors influences you the most?

Q26. When I mention the brand (BSC/CBC) what does this brand mean to you? You can select multiple answers if you wish.

Q27. How likely would you be to recommend BSC/CBC to someone else? Please score from 1 - 10 with 10 being a definite recommendation, and 1 not recommending them at all.
Q28. What words come to mind to describe the following brand names within your industry space?
Good service
Poor service
Helpful in a crisis
Experienced & knowledgeable people
Value for money
Expensive products
Good quality products
Poor quality products
I Don't know these brands
Statewide Bearings
Schaeffler (FAG)
Motion Industries - USA
Q29. Any other general comments?

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Please note: Only the winner will be contacted by Adept Research, and only for the purpose of sending the prize to them. All other names and contact details will then be deleted from our records.

Q31. Sales Company

Q32. Sales Region

Q33. Sales Region and Company

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